【サマソニ東京】8/16(金)BEACH STAGE 開催中止のお知らせ

台風の影響によりBEACH STAGEエリアは昨日に続き、強風により砂塵が身体に当たって痛さを感じ、目が開けられないほどの大変危険な状況が続いています。お客様、出演アーティスト、関係スタッフの安全を考慮し大変残念では
ございますが、本日8/16(金)のBEACH STAGEの開催を中止とさせていただきます。明日以降の予定通りの開催に向けてスタッフ一同、万全に準備を進めてまいります。
BEACH STAGE 開催中止に伴うチケットの払い戻しは致しませんので予めご了承ください。


Due to the typhoon since yesterday, Beach Stage Area is being affected by strong winds that makes it difficult for people to even open their eyes. Though we had been hard at work since last night until early this morning, and since the wind forecast is getting worse and it is impossible to predict when things will get back on track, considering the safety of the audience, performers and crew, with much regret, we are closing the Beach Stage Area today. We are deeply sorry for people that looked forward to the performances at the Beach Stage. Other stages will continue their program as scheduled.

As for the re-opening of the Beach Stage Area tomorrow on, we are making our best effort and will make an announcement later.

Sorry for the inconvenience that may have caused, and hope that you understand this situation. Thank you.