john-v-roos私は駐日アメリカ大使として、KATY PERRY、LADY GAGA、RED HOT CHILI PEPPERSといった人気のあるアメリカのアーティスト達が2011年3月11日に発生した地震・津波・原発危機に見舞われた日本で公演を行うことに対して称賛を贈ります。




As the United States Ambassador to Japan, I applaud the decision of popular American recording artists like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and others to perform in Japan following the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis of March 11, 2011.
Tours by artists like these to Japan not only lift the spirits of young people but are an important statement to the world that Japan is a safe place to travel and is truly open for business.
Their work is also an important part of the strong and continuing cultural connection between young people in Japan and the United States.
That connection was plainly evident in the public outpouring of support for Japan that stretched across our country during Japan’s time of need.
Visits by our popular musicians are an important piece of our nation’s commitment to Japan, its culture, its economy, and its people. So, it is my hope that many young Japanese will enjoy the shows and that people across the world will take notice and come to Japan themselves, whether for business or pleasure. I look forward to seeing them here.

John V. Roos
United States Ambassador to Japan