fried駐日カナダ大使と致しまして、この度JUSTIN BIEBERSUM 41という私たちカナダの才能溢れるアーティストが日本の公演を遂行すると決断しました事は、誇るべき事であります。
折りしも、東京都が正常な状態に戻っているのにも関わらず、海外からの渡航や来日が相次いでキャンセルされ経済の復興に暗い影を落としているこの時期に、JUSTIN BIEBERSUM 41の来日が聴衆の心を勇気づけ、さらに日本の音楽産業の隆盛を支える事は、歓迎すべき貢献であります。



そしてJUSTIN BIEBERSUM 41の今回の公演は、カナダと日本のさらなる繋がりを表すものとなる事でしょう。



As Canada’s Ambassador to Japan, I am proud that our talented Canadian artists, Justin Bieber and Sum 41 have decided to pursue their Japan tour. At a time when cancellations of tours and visits from abroad have impacted negatively on economic recovery, despite the return to normalcy in Tokyo, Justin’s and Sum 41’s visits are welcome contributions to lifting the spirits of their audiences and to the fortunes of Japan’s music industry.
Canada shares Japan’s sorrow in the wake of the tragic events of March 11, and remains committed to assisting all those who have been affected by the triple disaster. In addition to the Government of Canada’s contributions of thermal blankets, radiation survey meters, dosimeters and nuclear expertise, Canadians have generously contributed over $20 million dollars through cash and in-kind contributions. And Justin’s and Sum 41’s upcoming concerts will further demonstrate Canada’s commitment to Japan.

On behalf of the people and Government of Canada, thank you so much for your support!

Jonathan T. Fried
Ambassador to Japan